The dress custom of the Bohemian dress

The Turkish leopard-print gown designed by TOM FORD for saint Laurent is said to represent the Bohemian style of today. Although it seems to be too luxurious, far beyond a true Bohemian imagination of the magnificent life, but what does it have to do with it? We said at the beginning that the Bohemian style has nothing to do with Bohemia. Bohemian dress up, on the overall feeling close to abstract painting Picasso's obscure and mottled old medieval religious paintings, there are fans in disorder of natural marble pattern, messy, cluttered and surprised

The cardiac cycle.

Dark grey, dark blue, black, big red, orange, rose red, and the popular "rose ash" on the Internet is the base color of this style. People without the air are ruthlessly submerged in layers of color and illusion. Said Bohemia, not escape a full thick plait fine plait skirt, it can be made of pure cotton, coarse linen, sand wash heavy silk, can be hollow out design, speckled with Bohemian embroidery, and a graceful lotus leaf edge, man keep filled with tassels, can be full of random pattern, use spells inlays of fabrics of other styles... All in all, it is complicated and luxurious, and it is engraved on its own uniqueness. It makes the women who wear it suddenly become otherworldly and despise everything.

If put on the coat, the best is a waist accept properly long coat, expensive cashmere is the first choice, of course, the next best is worsted linen, with a rugged and handsome belt, combine hale and feminine perfectly. And accessories, and stay out of the Bohemian decorations, want to be a real Bohemian girl, you'd better not let any can wear jewelry on parts of the body, wrists, ankles, anterior portion, waist, and ears, fingertips, wearing a string of others, you are wearing three series, others hang fine, you hang thick, crazy in these two years popular Tibetan act the role ofing is the Bohemian girl led the excellency, the dark silver, natural or dyed stones, which tube heavy not heavy, it is expensive or not, all set up and covered in hand. To walk, must be all over the body; When lighting up a large beer, one.

Make sure to let the chain of the ring and bracelet hang down, and the man's eyes sway and sway until he can't get out of his heart.Read more at: | blue evening dresses uk


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